Moo by Sharon Creech

4/5 stars

Moo is Sharon Creech’s latest middle grade novel about a girl named Reena and her younger brother Luke as they get used to their new life in rural Maine after having lived in a big city their whole lives.  The book’s mix of prose and poetry make it a quick and entertaining read that is still meaty and interesting enough for adults to enjoy.

While not as moving as her previous book Love That Dog, which is similar in style, Reena’s voice is authentic and fun to follow as she and Luke get roped into helping out at the farm of Mrs. Falala, a cantankerous and intimidating neighborhood woman.  It is there that they meet Zora the cow, the moo-er of the title.  Zora is stubborn, grumpy, lonely, and occasionally surprising – not unlike her owner.

I do miss how substantial Ms. Creech’s earlier books like Walk Two Moons or The Wanderer were, but her newer books are always reliably quick when you’re in the mood to sit down and set aside an hour or less to read a complete story.


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