Unnatural Deeds by Cyn Balog

2.5/5 stars

Cyn Balog’s Unnatural Deeds is a young adult suspense novel featuring Victoria Zell, our teen narrator.  Victoria lives in the small town of Duchess, Maine, where her only friend is her homeschooled boyfriend Andrew, who has an abusive stepdad.  When Victoria, who deals with anxiety disorder, meets the new boy Zachary Zimmerman (goes by Z), she is instantly captivated by his charisma.  The main action of the story unfolds around Victoria and Z’s relationship, and the sinister doings that may have occurred at some time before the narrative begins.

Articles and police interviews launch each chapter, and the story begins with narrator Victoria, who is injured and in an unknown location, recounting the story of how she fell under Z’s spell to her boyfriend Andrew.  While this was an interesting way to pull us into the story, the characters lack depth.  This is mainly an atmospheric novel – many developments in the novel seem to take place off the pages, only to register later as plot points which have already occurred.  I did keep reading to find out what actually happens to Victoria and Z.


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